Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm not very good at keeping this thing updated, and I get so annoyed when other bloggers don't update everyday. Hypicritcal much?

Knitting wise, I do update my Ravelry.

I have been knitting socks. Halloween socks.


I am now working on Dan's:

I've casted on for the second sock, so hopefully he'll have a pair by this weekend and i can start on his brothers.

I knitted a hat out of the Manos my One Skein Pal sent me. I tried and tried to knit up Greenery but after trying 5 times, it just wasn't ment to be. I do plan on knitting this hat one day, but maybe in an easier yarn.

I started on the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket from Mason-Dixon Knitting in plain old Read Heart, but no pictures yet. I got about 1/2 way done with I desided to start over with the center square bigger. I want this to fit our queen bed.

I've also been slowly workin on Branching Out in the yarn I dyed using Kool-Aid. I love this pattern, and try to knit 1 repeat a week. I think I'll use it as a christmas gift, but unknown for who yet.

And still plugging away at Wimbledon. I'm not to far from finishing it.

I've been going to the Wednesday Knitting group (Eastside Stitchers) I love this group. I had to miss it lastnight because I had to pick Kevin up at the airport.
That's it for knitting. Every once in awhile, I'll for a week without knitting anything.

On a personal note:
Still looking for a job. I had an interview at Staples yesterday, and I am to come back on Saturday to talk to the District manager. Might work in the copy center. I would really like to work at starbucks, but we'll see how this goes and I can still apply at SB.

Kevin just got back from Chicago. Was strange to not have him around. But we did alright. Tonight Jack's school has a Costume party tonight.

2 weeks ago, I spent the weekend cleaning our place. Did the Fly Lady Crisis Cleaning and it worked well. I've been able to keep it up these last 2 weeks as well. Makes everyone happier I think. I just feel werid. I don't have all this junk and mess around me, so I don't know what to do with myself. Before I could come up with tons of stuff to do instead of cleaning, the procastination master here. Now that there's nothing to procastinat, I feel bored, like I've got nothing to do.

I haven't been able to wear my wedding rings lately. I developed an allergy to the metal in my rings awhile ago, and I've been coating the insides with clear nail polish. I lost the nail polish and the old coat has worn down. I can't even wear them for a little bit, after an hour, my finger gets all ichy and red.