Friday, February 29, 2008

I was in the kitchen when I turned around and saw this

Could it have been this that he was so eager to see?

Dan kept asking to go to the park 2 times today, once in the afternoon, and then again with Jack got out of school. I should have done that, because it was so nice and sunny and around 49 degrees out.

I didn't want to go 2 times, so I told him to wait till his brother got out to school. And of course, as soon as school got out today, it clouded up and started raining a few minutes after we got to the park.

How to be annoyed and laugh at the same time

Jackson(6yo): You're not making me and Mama happy

Danny(4yo): I'm making me happy

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Starting Over

I seem to forget that I even have a blog.

Today I am going to basically start over here. I'm not going to delete any of my old posts, cuz I've done that before and regret not having those to look back on.

I'm not going to put any rules for myself here. No 'post everyday/week/month' type thing, no 'only family/knitting/pictures' type thing either. I think that might be part of the reason I don't keep this updated. I'm not sure where I want to go with this, so just don't do anything at all.

Today I started a couple of project 365's.

I am going to be taking a picture of my knitting everyday. Even if I hadn't made any progress on anything, I've got plenty of WIP.

I also started Project 365. I'm hoping this will get me to take more pictures and I'll start to learn a bit more as I go about taking good pictures. I know I don't have a great camera, it's pretty old by digital camera standards, but it's what I have to work with and it does work.
And I'm going to start taking a picture of the boys everyday. Doing whatever, just as long as they are both in the picture.

This is the one that I'll love going back and looking at. You never really notice them growing each day, but when you go back a couple of months, there is such a huge difference.
It'll also help me chronicle each day's events. Let us look back and go 'Oh yeah, we did ____ that day'

And hopefully a side effect of this will be me keeping the place alittle bit cleaner, since I don't want a mess to be shown in public.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hope Everyone had a good Halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm not very good at keeping this thing updated, and I get so annoyed when other bloggers don't update everyday. Hypicritcal much?

Knitting wise, I do update my Ravelry.

I have been knitting socks. Halloween socks.


I am now working on Dan's:

I've casted on for the second sock, so hopefully he'll have a pair by this weekend and i can start on his brothers.

I knitted a hat out of the Manos my One Skein Pal sent me. I tried and tried to knit up Greenery but after trying 5 times, it just wasn't ment to be. I do plan on knitting this hat one day, but maybe in an easier yarn.

I started on the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket from Mason-Dixon Knitting in plain old Read Heart, but no pictures yet. I got about 1/2 way done with I desided to start over with the center square bigger. I want this to fit our queen bed.

I've also been slowly workin on Branching Out in the yarn I dyed using Kool-Aid. I love this pattern, and try to knit 1 repeat a week. I think I'll use it as a christmas gift, but unknown for who yet.

And still plugging away at Wimbledon. I'm not to far from finishing it.

I've been going to the Wednesday Knitting group (Eastside Stitchers) I love this group. I had to miss it lastnight because I had to pick Kevin up at the airport.
That's it for knitting. Every once in awhile, I'll for a week without knitting anything.

On a personal note:
Still looking for a job. I had an interview at Staples yesterday, and I am to come back on Saturday to talk to the District manager. Might work in the copy center. I would really like to work at starbucks, but we'll see how this goes and I can still apply at SB.

Kevin just got back from Chicago. Was strange to not have him around. But we did alright. Tonight Jack's school has a Costume party tonight.

2 weeks ago, I spent the weekend cleaning our place. Did the Fly Lady Crisis Cleaning and it worked well. I've been able to keep it up these last 2 weeks as well. Makes everyone happier I think. I just feel werid. I don't have all this junk and mess around me, so I don't know what to do with myself. Before I could come up with tons of stuff to do instead of cleaning, the procastination master here. Now that there's nothing to procastinat, I feel bored, like I've got nothing to do.

I haven't been able to wear my wedding rings lately. I developed an allergy to the metal in my rings awhile ago, and I've been coating the insides with clear nail polish. I lost the nail polish and the old coat has worn down. I can't even wear them for a little bit, after an hour, my finger gets all ichy and red.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Dishcloth anyone?

The one that started it all:
For my SIL for her birthday. She loves blue.
For my MIL, just because she's awesome. She loves purple. unknown, I just love the color combo. I think I'll give it to a friend.

Feather & Fan Dishcloth by Linda Smith from Dishcloth Boutique All in Lily Sugar 'n Cream

Friday, August 17, 2007

What to do next

So with Sockapalooooza Four over and done with, I've been getting some other stuff done that was promised.

Lace-Edged Women's Hat by Julie Hentz from Head Huggers
In LionBrand Microspun in Blush.

My SIL's mother has cancer again, so she had asked me to knit her mum up a hat. She picked out the pattern.
I hate knitting with this yarn, so splinty, but I loved the color and the feel. Microspun is so soft and silky. Worth it. Took me 3 days to knit this up, since allot of life stuff happened in those days (got laid off)

Then I got to work on a hat my brother asked for awhile ago.

So we now have Mario, Luigi and Wario.

This was based off the Topi by Jennifer Tallapaneni from Knitty, Spring 2006
I used some LionBrand Cotton I had in the stash I had planned on using to make a sunflower washcloth for my SIL one day. Have pleanty left over for the washcloth.

So now that I have these items done and given, what should I work on now? I've got 3 WIP that need to be finished....and they are:

My mum's clogs. I am almost finished with these. Just have to knit up the 2nd sole and bumper. I haven't done this because it requires me to wind up the yarn from a skein, and I don't a swift, so it's a pain in the butt.

then there are the socks:

meh, I don't think I like knitting 2 socks at once, and I have converted to Magic Loop for all round knitting. I'm at the guesset on these, so really shouldn't take long to finish. I've desided to give these to my Sister when they are finished.

Embossed Leaves by Mona Schmidt from Favorite Socks in Trekking (XXL)

and last but not least

Wimbledon by Alison Hansel from MagKnits, July 2006
This has the most work that needs to be done. I started this so long ago, it would be nice to have it finished, but I know the others would take less time.

Not sure which I should pick up next. I want these done before I start anything new.

What to do, what to do.

Friday, August 10, 2007


I was at work when Kevin messaged me that a package arrived for me. I got all excited because I figured it was either the Kindergarden info for Jackson or it was my sockapalooza package.
Kevin said it wasn't from a school, so I knew.
It was so hard to sit at work for several more hours.

Now normally, when I get home, the 1st thing I do is go and check on the boys. Give them kisses or cuddle them. Oh no, not tonight. Went straight for the back room. The boys won't know, they're sleeping.

I almost cried when I opened up my box.

1st there was this

The silver package has a sticky note on it that reads:

Open, Savor, & Refridgerate.
Knitter's Emergency Kit

and in it?


Chocolate from inside Union Station in DC.

And look at these:

Koigu KPPPM, Embossed Leaves Socks.
Funny thing is, I was knitting this pattern up for myself, but it's been put on the back burner. I had already changed my mind and was going to give the ones I was knitting to my mother or sister whenever they were finished.
I'm so happy with these. I Love the color, the feel, the look....everything about them.

But what made me almost cry?

You see that pink and green?
This is yarn that I have been wanting since I started knitting 2 years ago. The colors...OMG, the colors. Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Knit Happens.

Liz how did you know? I mean, I go months without posting on here, yet you got the one yarn that I have been wanting above all others.

I want to knit this up now, but I don't either. It' so beautiful. I keep petting it, smelling it, rubbing it against my face.
I'm so giddy, I don't think I can go to sleep.