Thursday, April 27, 2006


I'm not to sure I want to get started in all the joining along in a bunch of exchanges. I'm doing the sockaploooza, I've done the Dishcloth exchange, and now I've gone and joined the One Skein Secret Pal exchange.

I couldn't help it, it's such a cute button, and I wanted it on my blog

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sockapaloooza Cuff's Done

I'm knitting them up at the same time. I can't afford to get second sock syndrome here. Only a couple of weeks to go, and with being sick, kids and work, I don't want to risk it.

I decided to do my own design. I really wanted to do something that I didn't have to think to much for, and following a pattern would have been perfect. But all the ones I wanted to do were a bit complicated. I want something pretty, but not complicated. So I'm doing a mock cable pattern.

I am thinking for the heel, I'll do the traditional heel flap, but want to do a line of mock cables down the center of the heel, but unknown how to do that with the sl1, k1 heel. Got a few days to figure that one I suppose.

I want to learn the magic loop/knitting 2 on the same circular needle, but don't really have the money right now to go out and get one. We just got 6 tickets for Day out with Thomas for $114. That hurt.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Baby Bolero completed

The Front

The Back

I think I need to work on my Yarn Overs. They never seem to be as big as they should.

Yarn: Cascade 220 - threw away the band, no idea the color)
Pattern: Baby Bolero from One Skein
Notes: I didn't get gage, but it's close enough. It calls for 18 sts per 4", and I got 20 sts per 4". I also didn't do it in the order it is written. I knitted up one sleeve, seamed it in, then did the edging and then did the last sleeve. I was impatience to see it with the edging. I hate it curling up.
With this pattern I learned: Provisional cast on, Backstitch, and mattress stitch. I LOVE learning new things!

Sock Yarn!

My Knit Picks order came in today!

Clockwise from top - Sock Garden in Hydrangea, Sock Garden in Star Gazer Lily and Simple Stripes in Sweettart

This one is for my sockpal. Isn't it prudy? She said "My favorite colors are purple, blues, greens." It doesn't have any greens or blues, but it's all shades of purple and some pinks

Now I have to choose a pattern. I've got 2 weeks to knit them up, and I really want to do Pomatomus from Knitty. The ones I've seen on other's blogs are so pretty, but I don't want to do anything to complicated yet, since this will be my 2nd pair of socks knitted (don't really count jacks socks, they were small)
Or maybe I'll just do a mock cable pattern for it. I need to finish my Baby Boldro from One Skein. Just have to seam up the last sleeve, I already did the edging.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Moderate obstructive sleep apnea, chronic, ICSD code: 327.23 severe in frequency but with only mild desaturations.

Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI) is 53.5
AHI supine: 38.7
AHI REM: 31.0

The explanation of Terms says:

AHI: apena-hypopnea index; number of times you stopped breathing per hour of lseep
Partial and complete cessations of breathing have the same health effects.
(Sleep apnea is mild 5-15, moderate 15-30 and severe if >30)

So my AHI is 53.5, which according to the explanation is severe, but they diagnosised me as Moderate.

Well, either way, it's been diagnosised and now we can work on fixing this and getting me some REAL sleep!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Move UP, not DOWN

Okay, seriously. What is wrong with me?

I was just reading in the Yarn Harlots new book about gage.

It was written out for me.

If I want less stiches per inch, then move UP in the needles, NOT DOWN.

When will my mind not be so muddled with all the tiredness?

I totally blame it on that. I am so tired all the time, doesn't feel like I get any sleep, I feel as if I am in a fog all the time.

That sleep study better show something is up and how to fix it!

Baby Bolero

I'm currently working on this:

It's from One Skein. I'm going to do 2 of them, one in each color. Cascade 220 from my stash (x-mas gifts)

Let me tell you, the cast on....*sigh*

I did it over 10 times, and it turns out I did it right from the beginning. It just didn't look right till after a few rows were knitted.

These will be for co-workers babies. One is already here, and the other is due in June/July.

I took the heathered blue with me for my sleep study on Monday night. Of course, I didn't bring the stitch holders, measuring tape or anything other than the needles, yarn and pattern. I'm not the most organized person.

I just measured what I had knitted already, and I was getting 20 st per 4", and I should be getting 18 sts. So I ripped it out and switched down a size in needles.

I'm so excited. This will be my 1st sweater type thing I've knitted.

Oh yeah, check out our newest family member. Peanut named him 'Bloo'

He really likes Nugget.

Nugget and I were 'dancing' (2 year old in mamma's arms spinning around to Jazz) in the living room this morning and Bloo was swimming about like he was dancing with us.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Long time

I've been trying to log in for about a week now, but couldn't remember my log in or my password. I tried the whole send-me-my-login-thing, but I guess I have several blogs on here over the years, and this one isn't listed with my hotmail address. Must be my gmail, which I check once every 6 months.

It's a good thing I just remember the login out of the blue though, cuz I was about to quit and start a new one.

So onto the update.....

I did finish my socks in time, barely. My MIL wears them, which I think is way cool!

I knitted 1 red sock for Peanut, but still working on the second. Got a bad case of SSS.


Finished his socks. Will take a picture later

**end Update**

I just finished the Felted Bucket Hat in a rosy Pink in Cascade 220. I'm loving it.

I tried my hand at Intarsa. I tried to knit up a Benie had in Duke colors with a big D on the front and Duke on the side. It's alright, but not what I was going for. I did the math wrong for the gage, and it turned out to be a wee bit to big. Which was fixed by seaming it up.

I'd better post this or it will never get posted.

I'll update later with a bit more