Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Baby Bolero

I'm currently working on this:

It's from One Skein. I'm going to do 2 of them, one in each color. Cascade 220 from my stash (x-mas gifts)

Let me tell you, the cast on....*sigh*

I did it over 10 times, and it turns out I did it right from the beginning. It just didn't look right till after a few rows were knitted.

These will be for co-workers babies. One is already here, and the other is due in June/July.

I took the heathered blue with me for my sleep study on Monday night. Of course, I didn't bring the stitch holders, measuring tape or anything other than the needles, yarn and pattern. I'm not the most organized person.

I just measured what I had knitted already, and I was getting 20 st per 4", and I should be getting 18 sts. So I ripped it out and switched down a size in needles.

I'm so excited. This will be my 1st sweater type thing I've knitted.

Oh yeah, check out our newest family member. Peanut named him 'Bloo'

He really likes Nugget.

Nugget and I were 'dancing' (2 year old in mamma's arms spinning around to Jazz) in the living room this morning and Bloo was swimming about like he was dancing with us.

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