Monday, February 13, 2006

2006 Knitting Olympics Day's 1-3

The Start of Friday

The end of Day 1

The end of Day 2

The end of Day 3

Some of the problems I had:
These were suppose to be for my husband, however I made them to small. How is that possible? Well...
#1. I didn't do a swatch
#2. I didn't use the right yarn the pattern called for
#3. He's a big guy
So now they are gonna be mine. He wanted crew sock length, and I had already started on the heel flap before trying them on him, so I wasn't about to go back and frog it cuz I was doing the slip 1, knit 1 heel and I haven't had the greatest luck with frogging that and pick it back up again.

Other problems:
I started out using the pattern for the Tech Guys socks. It called for sport weight, but I was using fingering weight. But I didn't bother to swatch and wasn't really 'worried' so I just casted on for the large size man - 60 sts

Everything was going good until when it came to turn the heel. I read the patterns instructions for The short-row heel, went 'huh?' and switched over to the Original Pattern for the yarn. Problem is, I had 60 stitches, and their pattern called for 56. Not a big deal if you've knitted a pair of socks before, but I haven't. I didn't have any idea how any of this worked or where things lay.
It took some trial and error, but I figured it out!

I'm on my way to finishing my 1st sock!!!

I can't believe I turned the heel!!

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DeeJay said...

I like the colors here and the fact that you made them. Way coolio in my book!