Monday, July 03, 2006

Again, no pictures, no update

the computer had to be rebuilt, and the camera software never got reinstalled and now the camera cord has been moved to the imac so I have to wait for hubby to upload the pictures on his computer so I can transfer them over to mine.

I've got updates on knitting, just don't have the time.

I did the felted tote from One skein and couple of wash cloths for my mom, she moves into her new place at the end of the month, and then a sock for her, working on the other, and did a baby boldo, again from One Skein and am now working on Katja from knitty. Almost done with that. Then I plan on working on Winbledon from my MIL's birthday in August.

I'll do a better post later, or this will never get up.

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b4rb said...


I will show you how to post pics from your phone when I see you next time!