Thursday, July 06, 2006

Link filled update

Still no pictures.

I am almost done with Kajta. However the person I was making it for when on bed rest and I won't see her for a couple of months. By them, her little girl will have outgrown it.

I'm still trying to finish that second sock for my mom, but not going so well. I kept getting a head ache on the bus today when I pulled it out to knit on it. I see my mom on Saturday, and I don't think I can knit up a sock in 2 days. I'm only at the end of the cuff so far.

I need to get the yarn for the Wimbledon for my MIL's birthday. And I think I'll start in on a scarf for the Think Pink. I'm thinking of doing the
Wavy. I did 2 of them from Christmas presents last year. I've got some nice Pink Cascade 220 that will be perfect for it.


Jennifer said...

You've got a lot of knitting on your plate!

b4rb said...

Yeah you have a lot to do. I heart that Wimbledon Vest thats awesome!!

Katie - The Knitting Mama said...

Can you mail the Kajta? It's soo cute and the weather is perfect!