Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Jackson's Scarf (FO)

This is one of my 1st projects. Jackson wanted me to knit him a scarf after he saw my 1st project. (I gave it to my Great Great Aunt before I took a picture)

Jack has yet to wear it, but he was happy with it. This picture doesn't really show the true color and you can barely make out the basket weave.

This is a much better picture. This is the true color and a better view of basket weave.

I did this one my own, before I realized that there was a 'basket weave' or how to do it. I saw a picture of a scarf like this and I was able to work it out.
I had done my first project in a seed stitch, so I understood the difference the knit and purl stitch did. I was pretty dang proud of myself, till I started to pay more attention to patterns and such, then I realized that it's a really simple, common type of thing. I'm still proud that I figure it out on my own.

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